Our Story

It was at the beginning of the 1900s on the outskirts of Palermo, Sicily when young Carmello LaMarca was introduced to bread making along with providing house to house fresh deliveries. Carmello, still in his teens, made spending money by gathering wood and selling it to the local bread baker to heat his oven. Borrowing his father's horse and cart, Carmello created an agreement with the baker and this enterprising young man saw an opportunity that made the beginnings of what today is the largest fresh bread delivery service in New England. It was a simple concept; each home would receive a fresh loaf of bread placed in a small wooden box next to the front door before the sun rose each day. On Sundays, Carmello LaMarca would visit each home and collect the week's payment. The young LaMarca kept meticulous records.

The young LaMarca family migrated to Boston with the dream of continuing an old world family business. Along with opening a bakery on Hanover Street in Boston's North End, the family expanded the home fresh delivery to include delivery to local stores.

1940s & 1950s
Sub shops began opening up and this was a boon to LaMarca's delivery business. A business decision had to be made to concentrate exclusively on delivery. It became too difficult to be masters of baking and delivery.

The third generation LaMarca family members started to rapidly expand. Aligning with many great specialty bread bakers, they began offering a full line of breakfast, lunch, and dinner bread products supplying restaurants, hotels, 
sub and sandwich shops, hospitals, colleges, regional and national restaurant chains.

Today's Mission
The fourth generation LaMarca family members have evolved the bread delivery business to a state of the art system. A hub and spoke method is created with a central depot located in Malden MA. Positioned near many of their baking partners, they are able to provide more variety than any other delivery company. The LaMarca delivery fleet is expanded to over 75 trucks. Almost 100 years have gone into honing the perfect system of offering the widest selection of quality bread products while delivering the freshest highest quality on time to all our customers.