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Order Code Product Title Product Description
Pk K-8 9320 Pk K-8"Pre-Grilled Panini (10pk) Pk K-8"Pre-Grilled Panini (10pk)
Pk K-7 9330 Pk K-7" Gyro Bread (10pk) Pk K-7" Gyro Bread (10pk)
K-CASE 8 9355 K-CASE 8" Pre-Grilled Panini (10/10pk) K-CASE 8" Pre-Grilled Panini (10/10pk)
K-CASE 7 9358 K-CASE 7" Gyro Bread (12/10pk) K-CASE 7" Gyro Bread (12/10pk)
K-Tray Baklava †(24 Pieces) 9360 K-Tray Baklava †(24 Pieces) K-Tray Baklava †(24 Pieces)